Student's Equipment List + MOS Equipment List

Assalamu'alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

Dear Honorable Parents,

Herewith we inform you for the equipments needed at MOS programs and students daily activities.

You can download the list at the links below.

- Daftar Perlengkapan Santri

- Daftar Perlengkapan MOS


FIWA IT's Notes:

Dear Honorable Parents

Herewith we inform you the note books specifications :

* Processor:
minimum Core i5
* RAM: minimum 4GB
* Hardisk: 200GB or more
 Screen size: *maximum 14 inchi
* Mouse
* Earphone (not headphone)
* Operating system: Windows 10
* MS Office (also can be purchased at school)
* Adobe Photoshop (also can be purchased at school)
* Recommended lightweight laptop (ultrabook)
* Students must install genuine software. Pirated software is strictly prohibited.

Thanks for your attention

FIWA IT Division