FIWA is an Islamic research based school in Indonesia and the gate of future Ulama, Leaders & Entrepreneurs in facing future Islam. The school provides Islamic International standard education for all young Muslims through Islamic character building based on al Quran and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad in accordance with a conception of As-Salaf As-Shaleh. FIWA is committed to provide the best in all educational aspects such as, best teachers in every subjects, optimal students to teachers ratio,high technology classroom and school facilities, as well as integrated curriculum of Islamic education delivered in Arabic and international standard general education (delivered in English) except for certain subjects (delivered in Bahasa). FIWA will continuously enhance them to ensure that each child receives the individual attention and the support to enable them to achieve their utmost potential in all areas of the curriculum.



Fitrah Islamic World Academy will be a world model Islamic School that provides an Islamic, internationally recognized, inclusive, 21st Century education for young Muslims to be successful people in this life and the hereafter,
إن شاء الله




Fitrah Islamic World Academy will provide students with an international standard of education with the Al-Quran & As-Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad ﷺin accordance with a conception of Salafush Shalih as the basis, which prepares them to become future Ulama, Leaders & Entrepreneurs.
إن شاء الله